The AAIFNC Symposium will include poster presentations of observations by allergists/immunologists and fellows-in-training, in addition to a superb program of the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders and their variations. This will allow meaningful discussion and constructive critique of recent research findings made at the bedside, the clinic, and the laboratory. We urge you to participate by submitting your clinical research findings for consideration by our Poster Review Committee. In preparing your abstract, organize it into a statement of purpose, statement of methods, and summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion reached. Avoid the promise of additional data.

Preparation of Posters

To ensure uniformity and assist the Poster Review Committee, please conform to the following requirements in preparing your poster.

  • The Review Committee will accept up to two (2) encore abstracts per company or individual.
  • Capitalize the complete title, but do not underline.
  • A letter of transmittal stating the name and address of each author, the name of the author who will present the paper, and the name of the author who is to receive correspondence must accompany each abstract.
  • Begin body of abstract on a new line and indent three (3) spaces.
  • Simple tables and graphs neatly done in black ink may be included if they fit within the borders of the poster.
  • Type the entire abstract within one page; no word or font restrictions.
    Justify: left-hand border. Use standard type. Black in color.
  • Underlining or capitalizing for emphasis within the text is not acceptable.
  • Use only familiar abbreviations (RBC, mg., etc.) An unusual abbreviation should be placed in parentheses after the first appearance of the full word. Numerals rather than words should be used to indicate numbers except to begin sentences.
  • Offer conclusions, but avoid the promise of additional data of future publications.
    If your abstract is approved – poster boards are 4’Hx8’W with a 3/4 inch metal frame.  Your poster must fit within this space.  Landscape format.

**Please note that case studies and study designs  will NOT be considered**


Abstracts must be received by Midnight PST on Friday, December 23rd. Submissions will only be accepted via the submission from below. Please email the AAIFNC if you have any questions.

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